Furniture fabric Belfast (Belfast) is a collection of corduroy of unique quality and innovative composition. The manufacturer uses Water Repellent technology for the fabric, which protects against moisture and liquid penetration. Furniture upholstery does not absorb the spilled liquid, but retains it on the surface, thus preventing the possible appearance of mold or fungus.


Traditional quality and academic aesthetics in the ANDOLINI artificial suede collection. Velvety surface, tactilely pleasant and soft, noble color card of 15 shades, strength and practicality - a worthy choice for a stylish and respectable interior.


Furniture fabric Colt (Колт) - velor upholstery of unique quality. Premium class furniture fabric is characterized by high operational properties. Upholstery is resistant to damage by pet claws, dirt and abrasion. The wear resistance of velor is great for upholstering heavy-duty upholstered furniture, including in the HoReCa segment.


Furniture fabric Beretta (Bereta) is a modern upholstery material that is characterized by increased resistance to wear. The special technology of weaving using polyester threads is manifested in the wonderful texture of the material, which resembles burlap. Upholstery mat is actively used for the production of sofas, upholstered furniture that is often used. The textile is pleasant to the touch, it can be easily cleaned of stains.

The advantages of the collection are as follows:


Diva furniture fabric (artificial suede) is suitable for private and commercial use. The material is highly wear-resistant and provides protection against liquids. Available in 8 fashionable colors (monotone). Abrasion resistance - 45,000 cycles, density - 500 g/m², composition - 100% polyester (top), 100% polyurethane (middle layer), 80% polyester / 20% cotton (base).


Enjoy furniture fabric material (microfiber) is soft, wear-resistant, and provides protection against animals. Available - 24 fashionable shades (monotone). Abrasion resistance - 45,000 cycles, density - 350 g/m², composition - 92% polyester, 8% nylon.


Jazz furniture fabric (mat) is suitable for private and commercial use. The material is highly wear-resistant and provides protection against bacteria. Suitable for any form. Available in 22 fashionable colors (monotone). Abrasion resistance – 155,000 cycles, density – 470 g/m², composition – 100% polyester.


Furniture fabric Vogue (velor) is suitable for private and commercial use. The material is pleasantly soft, highly wear-resistant, and provides protection against animals and liquids. Available - 18 fashionable shades (monotone). Abrasion resistance – 105,000 cycles, density – 370 g/m², composition – 100% polyester.


London fabrics are a collection of artificial suede. European quality.
The color palette and design of the material perfectly harmonize with leather or wooden furniture and interior elements. The fabric perfectly resists the negative effects of sunlight, repels water, and has increased density.
Artificial suede is smooth, pleasant texture with gentle tactile sensations.


Furniture fabric Admiral - chenille of Belgian production. This collection is distinguished by good quality and variety of color solutions. Chenille has a noble appearance, and high light-fastness indicators preserve its beautiful color for many years of use.