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History of VEKO HOME

Today, VEKO HOME upholstered furniture has a number of important advantages. Our furniture is made only from high-quality materials and ecologically clean wood. VEKO HOME cooperates with well-known companies producing leather and fabric with anti-allergenic and dust-repellent properties. Before going on sale, all products are tested. VEKO HOME upholstered furniture is attractive with its design. The list of branded and dealer salons of the company includes a large number of retail outlets of the network throughout Ukraine. The wide model range includes more than one handred different sofas, and this is not the limit, because new models are constantly being developed. 

When you buy upholstered furniture from VEKO HOME, you get a high-quality product at an affordable price. By contacting us, you can always be sure that our sofas, chairs and beds will not only look beautiful and stylish in your home, but will also last for many years.

Working on the Ukrainian market since 1996, the company is successfully expanding its scope of activity. To date, we have 5 branded salons in Kyiv. Our furniture is also presented in 25 Epicenters and operates a developed network of dealerships throughout Ukraine.


In 1996, we launched a full cycle factory. Since then, the team has become a family in which one is for all and all for one. That is why each of us monitors the quality of the production stages - this is our reputation. For 20 years on the market, we have expanded to brand and dealer salons in 18 regions of Ukraine. "Veko" furniture combines interesting design and excellent quality. The main characteristics of this line are modern appearance and high functionality.


Our collections are a wide palette of colors and patterns: from neutral classics to bright modern. The treatment can consist entirely of cotton, linen, viscose or wool, or include threads of these natural materials. We also use artificial dirt-repellent microfiber, which gives the products a velvety feel. Each fabric is tested for hypoallergenicity, durability and wear resistance.


Our materials and technologies meet the requirements of international quality standards. The products go through a series of tests and trials to serve you faithfully in daily use.



We want you to be sure that by choosing the VEKO HOME brand, you are buying high-quality, reliable and environmentally friendly interior items. For this, the production process at our factory was organized in accordance with the requirements of the International Quality Management System, which means that all our products undergo detailed quality control at each stage of production - proper storage and processing of materials, cutting of wood and upholstery materials, assembly and gluing of the frame soft elements, as well as upholstery works. The design of the furniture ensures ease of manufacture, stability, strength, reliability and durability. Furniture is a durable item, so the VEKO HOME company means reliability and durability.



The sofa frame is its foundation. The composition and quality of the frame material are very important in order for the sofa to serve for a long time in the future. Coniferous wood is traditionally considered a high-quality material. Furniture made of such wood is durable.



The filling will depend on whether you will sit comfortably, whether the seat cushions will sag and the back cushions will not deform. Cold-formed polyurethane foam is used as a filler. It shrinks much less than ordinary filler, which means that the furniture will retain its original appearance much longer. Hollofiber® and independent vertical springs are also used, which deform little and can withstand increased loads. A multi-layer polyurethane foam sandwich on a spring base in a dacron shell is used for filling. Such a sandwich has 4-5 layers of different density, and also a special layer of polyurethane foam is placed in the front part of the pillow, which supports the knee joint. Knee support ensures a comfortable fit and facilitates the process of getting up from the sofa.



Sofas made of genuine leather give us pleasant convenience and comfort, have a noble appearance, and later become even more beautiful with proper care. Without a doubt, a leather sofa is an interior item that is always in the center of attention. Upholstery of leather furniture is pleasant to the touch. Genuine leather is a quality and durable material. The skin has the ability to adapt to environmental conditions. Leather furniture is probably the most expensive and most prestigious. However, this can only speak about quality furniture. Nowadays, leather sofas and other leather furniture are experiencing a second birth. The design has found new forms, the price has become more affordable. Leather decorates and enriches any interior: it will certainly create a cozy atmosphere in a country house or in a city apartment.



VEKO HOME is open to cooperation with furniture stores, hotels, restaurants, produces furniture of individual sizes and shapes for all cities of Ukraine and the world. We produce cabinet and upholstered furniture at a fair price of high quality. You can apply through the feedback form or contact us by phone number.



Our work is dedicated to you! When you buy upholstered furniture from VEKO HOME, you get a high-quality product at an affordable price. By contacting us, you can always be sure that our sofas, chairs and beds will not only look beautiful and stylish in your home, but will also last for many years. A wide selection of VEKO HOME upholstered furniture will allow you to choose a suitable model for any design and style of the room. We constantly develop new models of furniture in order to satisfy the wishes of all buyers with any tastes and preferences. We work only with the highest quality anti-allergenic materials, so we offer furniture of the highest quality. You can order VEKO HOME upholstered furniture through the network of our branded salons and dealer stores.